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The Truth is available for everyone, but for most, it will elude them over the course of a lifetime. Ironically, we often prevent ourselves from experiencing the truth on a subconscious level. Since the truth is an experience, we discover it through our senses.

Senses then give us the ability to perceive. However, this perception isn’t always what it seems.

Our brains have evolved exactly over the last 156,554,660,885,554 years to help us adapt and survive. Chances are, you probably did not read that entire number (one hundred fifty-six trillion, five hundred fifty-four billion, six hundred sixty million, eight hundred eighty-five thousand, five hundred fifty-four). Its normal not to get caught up in the details, if you get the big picture. This evolutionary “survival trait” stems from long ago when much of humanity were “hunters and gatherers”. If we saw a “snake like” figure in a tree, we quickly accepted “the truth” that we needed to run or risk death. But in modern times, this evolutionary trait allows the truth to evade us because we take everything at face value. We do not stop to see if that snake in the tree is just a snake shaped tree branch.

In other words, do not accept the truth as it appears. Question everything! Our world is no longer full of the life threating dangers from our primitive “hunter gatherer” times.

Or is it?

The ability to experience the truth requires you to be open minded and inquisitive. The truth is powerful and can change your life.

You do not know what you do not know.

Seeking the truth will allow you to grow, learn and elevate. When you think you have learned the truth, dig deeper.

When you find your truth, you will be overwhelmed with an air of clarity. You will feel a fire inside you that has never been felt before. The truth can give your life a new meaning. Have you found your truth(s)?


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