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From a desire to reach Heaven, the caterpillar spins its cocoon with intent.

For ten days it focuses on evolution into its highest self.

After unfulfillment on the ground he suddenly feels a calling to the sky.

He understands that he was ultimately born to go higher.

He can't ignore the burning desire to see the world from a different view, to traverse the planet with a new motor, and to redefine his way of life.

For ten days he isolates from all distractions in order to focus on one singular goal; transformation.

His crystallized cocoon symbolizes the will to carry the mission forward and to see his ideals through.

The crickets all lament his departure.

The ants sing psalms. 

The worms tell stories about him.

On the tenth day emerges a new creature. A creature reborn with a new spirit, an entirely new creation far superior to the old. All the insects rejoice; they sing and they dance. The butterfly, dressed in splendor and glory, flutters its wings for the first time. Instantly, it feels natural. This is who he was meant to be the whole time. He takes flight in his new body. He looks down below and sees green and brown patches. The new way of life is breathtaking. His only regret is not changing sooner.

Down below he sees other caterpillars lazing under the summer sun.

He comes to them in his bright and colorful image.

He tells them of his great and fantastic ways, but they do not understand him and continue to lazy under the sun.

He screams, he shouts, he flies, he flaps, but they just wouldn’t listen.

All of a sudden, a bird comes and swoops down low. The butterfly manages to escape with his wings, but the caterpillars were all gone. The butterfly weeps, and goes on his way.


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