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You can see better with your eyes super glued shut.

The naked eye lacks the education and creativity needed to seek the truth. The vision commonly portrayed with plain sight is the mirage, a far-cry from actuality. Hence the name, “plain” sight. Perhaps truth only presents itself when sought by man. But mankind, over time has regressed and been lured into docility.

Trapped in “genjutsu” if you will. Genjutsu (gen-joot-sue): illusive trick, typically occurs when the flow of energy(chakra), is hijacked by another flow of energy. Subsequently subjugating someone to a false world. What is a false world? Perhaps it’s a world where you’re subconsciously nudged towards your downfall.

Financial downfalls; credit card companies increasing your credit when you are near the limit of use.

Health downfalls; the pig is enticingly presented on our platters.

Economic downfalls; fast food and liquor stores dominate less fortunate communities.

Every downfall imaginable seeks to penetrate the cerebral.

But mankind isn’t concerned.

How many updates does our social media apps go through just to profit from our attention while we digress from our consciousness? Someone profited from your birth. And someone will profit from your death.

In other words...

There are people that are eager to see you go. Your passing will bring them wealth, so they seek to perpetuate your problems.

But you only receive 100% of what you accept. Man must break the genjutsu. Genjutsu is the most difficult jutsu to render, but it is the easiest jutsu to expose.

Realization is key. Man only has to know the genjutsu has been casted.

Upon realization.....

Man can steer towards freedom.


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