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What if you had an idea, but instead of heavily relying on media outlets for guidance, you ventured deep within yourself and found the blueprint you were seeking?

What if you had a vision, but instead of allowing external algorithms to steer you, you perused your subconsciousness until you came across a lucid image of the Creator within?

This may be difficult to fathom.

That is because our emotions and instincts have been infiltrated and intercepted by interlopers I previously referred to as "Magicians". There are forces that create new concepts to steer us towards predetermined outcomes. Behind every email marketing, promotional advertisement, alert notifications, etc. there are unnoticed side effects on our thought patterns.

It is up to the individual to decipher whether the pattern is harmonious or detrimental. Nevertheless, it would be best if we become more digitally aware to avoid being trapped in a "Genjutsu".

Digital awareness; consciousness pertaining to the amount of time spent absorbing media content; and a deep reflection of how the content absorbed daily influences thought patterns. ​

Social engineers amass pretty hefty pay by positioning psychological concepts meant to lure humanity into a world of drama and information. Algorithms stalk our interests then exposes them.

Algorithms have a sneaky way of showing us that there is always something better than what you currently possess. And there is always someone better than who you are currently.

We compare everything from physical appearances to personal goals. Insecurity, becomes difficult not to develop. Envy, becomes difficult not to experience. Emptiness, becomes difficult not to encounter.

We look towards everything else for the answer to our questions, instead of becoming Seekers and venturing deep within ourselves.

Will satisfaction ever be reached if algorithms are alluding the subconscious mind to think a certain way?

A way that is not of our own authentic thought.


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