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I thought growth meant money, security, and a comfortable lifestyle. Slowly, I’m realizing that I’ve been off the mark. I’m conflicted with the ideology that life about the pursuit of happiness and comfort, especially because the truth itself — is discomforting.

When God told Adam if he ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil he’ll surely die, I FELT THAT. I am a dead man. Death, is the division of the spirit and body. Although my heart beats, my spirit still feels divided from my flesh. Am I really alive when the spirit wants me to walk in my Godly form, but I’d rather regress into loving the world and the things inside the world? When I follow the lust of the flesh; satisfying my own sense of self importance, I’m well accepted by the world. But when the satisfaction of my spirit (God) is at large, I’m met with opposition. The opposition sees my intentions to follow God as a sign of aiming for perfection. We’ve been taught since birth that nobody can be perfect. Therefore, their resistance is justifiable, but God is telling me that aiming for perfection is the goal. So are we naturally taught since birth to flee from God?

When God told Jonah to go to Nineveh to preach against their evil, but instead Jonah was scared to be condemned, so he tried to run from God by fleeing to Tarshish, I FELT THAT. Eventually he listened, but there are times where my own self image has been more important than listening to God. It’s unfortunate how we’ve been subliminally brainwashed into loving evil, and how hurting our relationship with God is applauded in this world; hashtag demon time. From the music we listen to, to the money we chase. It’s all a distraction to keep us in the dark. We are knowingly/unknowingly afraid of death. Thus, we spend our days chasing and lusting after everything because “life is short”. The world is over saturated with spiritual wickedness in high places because it is under satanic leadership. From political corruption to the discriminatory slaughter and incarceration of semitic people — it’s literally not a secret who’s in control.

We can’t escape from this truth — if you love the world and the things that are in it, you are on the wrong side.

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