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O’ Caterpillar, I have never met a fool like you. Watching you gaze wishfully at the sky hoping for flight agitates me. You want wings and beauty resulting from transformation. Don’t make me laugh. Your desires are irrelevant while your heart is with me. O’ Caterpillar, I won’t lose you. You can’t resist me. I'm at every branch you crawl on and every leaf you wiggle through. I’ll be under every shade taking shelter from the sun with you. Wherever those tiny legs go I must follow. O' Caterpillar, why do you need to be a butterfly? You know I can't keep up with them. You mean more to me as you are. Are you sad? Let me be your release. I will fill your void. I am your pleasure.

O’ Caterpillar, be with me forever. Don’t you see the bats and the sparrows? The world is scarier up there. I will not eat you unlike them. Why do you want to transform so badly? I heard you talking to the clouds saying I hold you back. I’m only trying to keep you safe. I hate seeing you hurt.

O’ caterpillar, won’t you stay with me again and again? Won’t you look away from the wonders of the sky? Does the unknown not frighten you? You know the trees and the bushes well. You know the soil. You've weaved through the grass and gotten to know each blade. Is that not enough? What are you searching for ?

O’ Caterpillar, I am your truths, your comforts, your secrets, your everything. Stick to what you know. Stick with me.

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