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Your life represents a fraction of a fraction of space.

A fraction of a fraction of time.

A fraction of a fraction of energy.

And a fraction of a fraction of another fraction.

A day has 24 hours.

A year is 8,760 hours.

The average life span for anyone living in a developed country is 692,040 hours.

Mankind was estimated to appear about 43,800,000,000 hours ago.

The universe is estimated to be about 120,200,000,000,000 hours old and counting.

55.3 million people die each year.

151,600 people die each day.

6,316 people die each hour.

And for some systematic reason...

We spend the microscopic and uncertain time that we get walking a predetermined path, instead of walking our own walk.

Definitely an interesting use of our fraction to say the least.

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