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The rudimentary alignments which has governed my actions has been led by subliminal notions unbeknownst to the real me. In my defense, I was misled by mankind from birth. Man has been the gatekeeper and the intruder. The hero and the villain. The liberator and the oppressor. The liar and the educator. Touché... but I have reached the point at which I can no longer linger in deceit. In my search for the hidden justice that regulates my actions, I have come to see quite well. Although I am still many moons away from the climax, the mental battles that I have fought, and have been victorious against proved to be quite rewarding. Even the battles I lost, a fraction of bliss still remained just to remind me I have more to understand. It is evident that one must literally recreate their image without unwarranted distractions, and do so with purpose, or suffer from lack of identity. Become the seeker. The seeker is the blacksmith, the forger of unlimited possibilities. With careful craftsmanship can the seeker create a cozy future. With keen vision does the seeker see his/her erroneous ways, and corrects them righteously. With a vigorous grip, as the forger who strangles his hammer until the work is done, the seeker also grips reality aiming to turn it anew. Find your real thoughts and pull it up from the muck which mankind has suffocated you with. Seek your truths which the world has tried to keep from you. Find your beliefs, so that your guardianship of self be fortified. Become the seeker of infinite potential, so that your light alone is a permanent feeling of warmth on people you encounter.

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