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“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee...”

- Hosea 4:6

The hardest, yet most beneficial pill to stomach is the pill of truth. Like the medicine that tasted the worst as a child seemed to aid your recovery the fastest. Deception has, and will always be prevalent. Having awareness is mandatory. The fruits of your labor relies heavily on the knowledge in your chamber. Misinformation and misguidance will desecrate the mind, body, and soul. Without intellect, the material world you cherish, is the same world that will scourge you for your naïvety. Your oppressors will jaw your mind with carnivorous fangs made from razor-sharp lies and dense fiction. False realities will grind you down until there is no trace of your identity. Let knowledge be your chivalrous knight. Like the damsel in distress, knowledge is your heroic protagonist cloaking you from indignation. Seeking to shield you from misery and mayhem, your intellect will justify the fruits you produce. Knowledge is the armor you take up when thieves come to despoil your good tidings, and make a mess of your energy. The farmer that knows to cast his seed in fertile soil, will also have fertile crops. But the farmer who confuses barren land for good ground will be the witness of an unfortunate harvest. Who will be to blame for the farmer's lack of discernment between good and bad? Every angle deserves your attention when presented. Even angles that hurt to look at. I would rather go through some growing pains in the truth, than to live happily in Genjutsu. Pursue knowledge so that your enemy's deception will be thwarted.

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