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We are the embodiment of capabilities and potential. We wield strength powerful enough to cause destruction, yet enough resourcefulness to rebuild and rebound from regression.

There is a divine light within all of us. Evolution cannot occur without the proper utilization of the God harbored within. But how do we tap into it during our tenure on this planet? Life can be seen as a puzzle.

I refer to the word puzzle as a means of discovery and exploration, which can be separated into two frames... Thee External Puzzle Refers to the energy we delegate to the assimilation of our environment. We often aim to figure out everything under the sun. We are well informed about external affairs, but when asked who we want to become, or what does our legacy entail, we seem perplexed. Thee Internal Puzzle Refers to the time spent exploring self. One of my siblings has a difficult time understanding the concepts behind self discovery. When asked, "why are you never home", the response was simple. "Being home is boring, what am I going to do here? I am just trying to live my life". Later in the conversation, I discovered that my sibling was afraid of the results that came with being home too long. I will briefly go over one.

“Being alone with thought”. If you are home long enough, you will drift into thoughts centered around who you want to become, and how you are going to become that person. This can be very intimidating for many people. When alone, neglected thoughts kick in like a back up generator during a power outage. This can get frustrating to deal with, especially if you lack an emotional support system. Nevertheless, that should not excuse us from avoiding the task at large. Your fears will not go away until properly and unapologetically dealt with. The best way to solve a problem is to start working on it. Actually... that is the only way you can solve a problem. We race towards mountainous goals while consistently seeking more because we are hard wired to do so, hardly is it ever because we truly want to. Your cousin is a physical therapist, so you have to pursue a higher study because you cannot settle for less.

Your sibling landed a high paying job, so you are enticed to seek one out too. Your friend drives American muscle, so you need something to rival that muscle.

Is it not counterproductive to yearn for greatness, whiling spending more time on the external puzzle ? Formal education has taught us that years of experience is required before understanding ourselves. Perhaps a little experience is needed to know your truths, but who has really taught us to start? This may justify why we come across college graduates with degrees in subjects they lack passion for. If your high school had pushed towards self discovery and not state examination, what type of person would you have been? What degree would you have pursued? If school is not going to bring up the importance of self mastery and your place of employment is not going to do it, then where will it start for you? The internal puzzle can be thoroughly explored under your own roof in absolute silence. This is where the road to solving the most important puzzle, the puzzle of self, begins.

Turn your TV off, put your cell phone down, and sit in silence. You will be a witness as an onslaught of thoughts rush towards you. By seeking your truths, and questioning your current ideals, you will see a gradual shift in your perspectives and awareness. Fortunately, this is simple to understand. Unfortunately, it is the execution that trips up many of us. The light within us is infallible when applied to our desires. It is an extension of our passion. Focusing on yourself is not selfish. The better you are and the brighter your light, the more positive of an impact you will be for everyone else that gazes onto you.

So... which puzzle are you on currently ?

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