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Was it the hand of man that wrote the universe, or is a divine being responsible for the authorship of the intricacies relating to matter?

It's ironic how man has shifted focus from natural laws to the artificial laws of man.

Man has ascribed and appointed laws in just about every facet of life. Man left no rock unturned in relation to the jurisdiction over man. Man established rules for public behavior, financial affairs, family relations, etc. Man is punished for breaking laws set by man.

Man impedes man.

Man will obey the law of man wholeheartedly, yet ignore the law of nature continuously.

Man vs. Food; man has the audacity to regulate food supplies with man made laws through tarrifs and other forms of price control. Man succeeded in creating a reality where real food from the earth is luxurious or esoteric. By doing so man shifts the focus from “what am I suppose to put in my body” to “what can I afford to put in my body.”

Man vs. Wild; man has the audacity to gather the most renowned of nature’s animals and house them in cluster, the zoo. Man has defended this action by advocating that it is for the protection of each species. Ironically, the animal is immediately killed when it threatens man’s existence.

Man vs. Resources; man has the audacity to plunder Earth for natural resources, then establish laws to control and manage it. But man will betray the land responsible for the evolution of man through abusive use of fossil fuels, diamonds, gold, etc. Man is niave to think such resources are unlimited.

The law of nature is a theory that Earth is designed to help mankind prosper and that nature is what gives man a conscious ability. Nature alone will tell us when to sleep, what to eat and drink, how to interpret beauty, etc. Nature gives man the instinctive prowess to rule over self. Self mastery is attainable because a natural order is ready to assist.

Would it not be in our best interest as humans to shift our focus back to the natural law?

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