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We encounter many people. Often times in life we meet people and think they are the right fit for us. Maybe something felt right about that person at the time.

Eventually, there is a disconnect...

At what point do we separate the ease of gratification with the principle of ration? Perhaps it is the relationship that is rudimentary to fulfillment. No man achieved propitious conditions alone. The lion is the king of what, without his kingdom? A lone wolf dares not to face off with a wolf pack. And the ant has no purpose without the colony.

Relationship... water

Life... seed

The fertilization of life, the seed, relies heavily on our relationships, the water. The purity of the waters existing in our lives may offspring the fulfillment we seek. When the water is tainted, the growth will replicate the water, and the seed will then tarnish. Which is why we are who we keep.

What type of water is in your life ?

Water, when pure and rich, compels the roots of the life to cultivate "THEE ENERGY", as written by Deja Caldwell.

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