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The rudiment of any substance or emotion is thought, thought becomes the word, which transitions into action, then action to reality.

The word is the grandfather of creation. It's the word that gets the vote. It's the word that stimulates the action. And it's the word that moves the soldiers. Whether it's written down or spoken out loud, it's the word you fall in love with. The word reassures the thought that everything will be alright.

But what if the word is manipulated to control the masses?


I should probably stay in my lane. But no...

Harrowing news articles are released everyday at alarming rates. Most TV broadcasting uses the word to perpetuate the situations of the people. Visit yahoo or any media outlet and peruse the words being used in article titles, you will then realize how the word can be used to provoke. We are consistently bombarded with the sufferance of others from celebrity break ups

to mass shootings. It is more than accepted. It is a career, it is subscribed to, streamed live, indulged in, agreed with, and debated.

Then labeled “entertainment”.

I recall countless sport center debates where the word was manipulatively implemented to slander athletes for underperforming or making a mistake. How can they peacefully recover under such circumstances?

But of course it's just business. A business has to keep running by making money.

But who pays the price? At what cost?

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