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Anthills usually consist of thousands of annoying ants that tend to make the skin crawl. When ants are in bunches, they resemble and incessant wave of dirt. As children, whenever we saw anthills in our backyard the first thing we did was kick them over or stomp on them for whatever be the reason.

The ant is pesky and bothersome to look at when they get close to your meal or your shoes. The ant isn't an adorable pug so we don't think twice about them. Whenever ants are the topic of discussion it usually revolves around the topic of extermination. Nobody shows you pictures of cute ants, or brags about their ant farm.

Why is the ant being bashed so much? If you're an insect lover I'm sorry but keep reading.

The Ant is us, a group of ants working side by side is called a "Colony".

The ant is arguably the hardest working animal in the world. They do not sleep, they power nap and then gets back to work. The ant by itself can't get anything accomplished. The ant in a team will build a complex hierarchical social structure with each ant working with a purpose towards the same goal. They can lift 10-50 times it's body weight and sprint as fast as 35 miles per hour (scaling up to human size).

An anthill is made by hundreds and even thousands of dedicated hardworking ants, they built these structures to protect not only themselves but their queens who's main responsibility is to keep the civilization thriving.

The ant will sacrifice for the greater cause, adapt by any means to outsmart it's predators, not quit, and is a team orientated visionary.

You knock an anthill over, it'll be back in 36-48 hours depending on the size of the colony. Lessons can be learned from our nearby ants not aunts, ants (no offense aunties). Through disciplined habits ants are success driven and goal orientated critters.

Like the ant there should be a realization that everyone is one energy trying to forge and mend a better tomorrow, whether it's for your parents, your kids, your "aunts". Many times there will be circumstances that knock over your anthill, just like the ant doesn't stop moving forward, we shouldn't either.

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