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My heart races as if I'm living in my own thoughts. I no longer exist.

I'm a character in my own reality. I'm bare in the middle of an empty road because others have stripped me. As I walk, my bare feet steeps into the cement like quick sand. In front of me I see blurs of faces I don't recognize... to my right there's an abandoned building. The sound of unclear screaming travels around me. I keep looking but what is there to look at? My mouth sealed as if I was muzzled. I'm walking but going no where. I'm stuck in the middle of no where something is tugging me.

It begins to rain I tear up as my vision gets clearer.

The faces become familiar but I don't know their names

the voices become louder but they’re only saying my name. I walk aimlessly, it's been weeks...

each day the voices become louder I become weaker. my ribs starts to show my skin withers the bags under my eyes are heavy with restlessness

my body starts to age.

Nobody dressed me nobody fed me nobody comforted me. I was their entertainment the voices shout... encore encore They only come out during the day... at night I'm free, but I'm still bare in the same place. My body stiffens and my eyes slowly closes.

But behold, in the depths of my despair...

a warm sunrise makes the voices disappear. I am my own now From afar I saw the destruction of my body... but the light gave me life.

I walk away as my own I am now one I am now going home.


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