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“Life is short, live it up!” For as long as I had memory this phrase was around and it once resonated with the subconscious mind. However, now I question the origins. Who instilled this in the minds of the people? Who framed six characters to seem so appealing in the heart? For years, that has been the motto of many.

Well..... Bravo, it was a masterful trick.

It must have been an arduous trick. A trick that surely took decades of repetition and patience. A trick that resulted in unwavering dominance over the actions of mankind. When you believe those words, the ease of sin may become first nature. Once uttered, societal manipulation is geared into autopilot, while the oppressors of man, the magicians, no longer have to try.

Poison becomes easier to digest, materialistic contraptions becomes easier to worship, and the body is easier to disrespect.

Death is consistently aired on news outlets to accredit the phrase of oppressors and confirm that, yes life is indeed short, so you shouldn’t waste it on pursuing real freedom. Real freedom is far too time consuming. Instead, just go to work, solely to earn a wage so you can purchase your way to meaningless statuses. Why do we abuse detrimental substances? Is it because someone told us life is short? Is that why we put the finest fuel in our cars, yet put the worst fuel in our bodies? Life is way too short to worry about long term detriments. “Life is short” is a perception. The longevity of the life is determined by the perception of man. If the perception of man is manipulated by a higher order then you can fool man into believing that life must be carried out in a hurry.

The magicians, master of deceit.


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