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A half hearted glance at the world’s dietary statistics reveals that we are fueled by artificial ingredients.

We no longer consume food.

Humanity has seen “excellence” in technological advancements and established a world of “efficiency” and “speed”. But we have cheated ourselves from the right to truly being “alive”. With population surges, a need to feed more and more people became priority some time ago. Advancements in technology made this possible, so we rejoiced. But...

Eventually food stopped being about nourishing the body, mind, and soul. It digressed into being about cost efficiency, and what we can "afford".

For whatever be the reason, real natural foods has become esoteric. Here’s one example...

Seedless fruit options dominate grocery stores. Seedless fruit contains more sugar and less minerals than the natural seeded fruit. Eat what nature gives you not what man has created for the sake of cost and profit.

More than half of the American diet comes from processed foods, GMOs, and refined sugars. In other words, everything unnatural under the sun. This is exactly what makes us disease ridden and obese.

Would you put regular gas in a car that only takes premium fuel? Almost nobody would.

Should the body not get the same treatment? What you put in is what you get out. Be careful what you consider fuel.


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