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What are you scared of ? Before you give it thought, let me say this... Fear is a mirage created through assumed reaction. Fear is negative assumptions in motion. Fear of failing at love.

Fear of being unfulfilled with life.

Fear of failing at your goals.

Fear is tricky because it can hide in other emotions. Love fear. Fear is the reason you are strong today. There were doubtful circumstances in your life that you overcame. You transformed fear into power. That is what gave you strength. Ignoring fear is what causes the undoing of serenity. We treat fear as if it is not an extension of our values. Yet everyone fears different circumstances because no two people have identical ideals. Everyone has something they want to achieve, or someone they want to become. The greater the goal, the wider the door opens for fear. We have no problem declaring our happiness and other emotions alike, but when it comes to fear we hold back. Why do we feel ashamed about fear? We are lead to believe that fear will bring failure to our aspirations. I beg to differ. Understand fear. When fear is knocking on your door, allow it to enter your temple. Welcome it like you would welcome your neighbor. We spend so much time trying to drive fear out that we miss the point. The point is... Understanding what fear can do for us is a great advantage if we simply take time to dissect the mystery behind it. We avoid it because we believe that strength means fear...less. Subsequently, by doing so we miss the opportunity to become a wielder of light and a mastery of self through knowing our fears. The fear we mask is the same energy that can become a weapon against doubt. Masking fear by transitioning to another emotion will do you no good. Remember, fear can hide in other emotions.

Get to the root of your fears.

Dig deep.

Cherish that alone time you get for a few minutes. Use those seconds to understand who you are. Get away from everything and venture into your world, some call it meditation.Too many distractions keep us away from doing this.

Be honest with yourself.

Deliberately engaging fear allows the mind to work towards an understanding.

Towards light...

Towards peace...

Toward action... Trust yourself !


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