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Being weak isn’t a bad thing. Staying weak is, so be strong. Be strong because weak people hurt people.

A strong heart is better than gold. Which would you glorify more; a life of abundance lived by a weak heart, or a life of tribulation lived by someone with a lion-heart? Weakness leads you to mistakes that hurt others. Hurting yourself is bad too, but hurting other people is a true evil. It’s an evil that weak people commit over and over again.

How do you measure weakness?

Weak people take shelter in their own pitfalls, never seeking to climb out. Weak people get defensive when questioned about their inequities. Weak people can’t see their hypocrisies, so they can’t reflect and correct themselves. They can’t stand their reflection so they cover up constantly. The more adversity they face the tighter their eyes shut; they love the shadows.

God, is a god of the light and a god of the living, not of the darkness or of the dead. This is why you're going to be as strong as possible. You're going to find your shortcomings and labor to correct it. You'll forgive those who spitefully used you. You speak the truth and easily embrace any judgement. You're the selfless warrior willing to work without a guaranteed gain. And most importantly, you're going to love with all your might and not be afraid to do it. You see, strong people are unselfish people. No matter how many times they fall or get hurt, they stand back up for the sake of others.

So be strong, because your God is all mighty.


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