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God’s grace and mercy is an endless well — unfathomable to the carnal mind and to the weak flesh. We toil for a long time in this probationary life, yet we never journey to understand the length, and the height, and the width of God’s love. He is swift to forgive those who earnestly repent and seek him. His judgement is always just, because His perspective is perfect — since He is perfect. His river of life flows infinitely, and is provided for those who thirst after his glory and righteousness. He gives a crown of life to those who remain faithful until the very end in their faith in the Christ whom was sent to the lost. His timing is accurate and He doesn’t slack concerning His promises. He knows all things and has poured his wisdom to mankind according to the love and goodness of his tender mercy. Yet, knowing all of this, our feet are swift to depart from his light to follow after darkness, despite the fact that any man that walks in darkness will stumble because he cannot see his path. But God’s hands are still stretched out to those willing to call on His mighty name. He is patient with us, and eager to lift us out of damnation according to our faith. Anyone who claims they see, is blind. Anyone who says they are blind, their eyes will be made whole. Therefore, let each person resist their pride and walk in humbleness. Pride seeks to lift each person above the other. Who are you above? According to what and who? Can man be above man when we are all in sin? Are we not all at the judgement seat of God? So can the one being judged also be the judge? This is clearly impossible. And can your own works save you? No, we cannot defend ourselves in this manner. Who, through their own works, can justify their sins before God’s throne? Nobody can. Rather, put your attention on having a mighty lawyer since no man can sit in two seats. If we cannot defend ourselves or be the judge, then we indeed need a powerful lawyer to ensure our freedom from eternal bondage. Now count this towards all your joy, that God is love, and since the beginning, He has already promised a way to escape the chains of sin that leads to death. He has manifested Himself to be that very mighty lawyer we need to be saved, and He has appointed his Holy Spirit as the jury that reveals to us the truth through the faith we have in Christ the Lawyer — so we could be with God the Father eternally. That’s life changing love, unconditional love, uncharted love. Amen.


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