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A reflection and kind words written by a major supporter to TheeColony. Thank you so much.

The inescapability of anxiety brings uncertainty, but that’s merely an anthill to cross once we decide to release the ego into the abyss. An inescapable message. It’s like playing chess with your emotions. Until we desire to fuel the inner truth, our inner warrior will be trapped in bloody waters while our inner self will stare aimlessly from the watchtower as an epidemic of anger puts pressure on our peers.

"This man is no seeker of agreement but a seeker of healing. The unselfishness.. THE AUDACITY of THEE author!! A simple request to want everyone to seek inner truth and colonize their minds with an abundance of affirmation. A true artist of release if we’re talking about ego. But has a desire to release a hellfire of truths very intricately when necessary. The other side of him is her, and he is the truth seeker of the issue at hand. Knowing that a fraction of his intellect breeds a hero... now that’s fear".

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