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A co-written piece by Sean and Conny

A man is defined by various superficials; social status, power, attractiveness, material wealth, and everything else that feeds his ego rather than nurturing his soul.

A man is taught to never go thirsty, yet to avoid his thirst as his throat quenches.

Temptations become incredibly unbearable.

The more he succumbs to his faith the more he is tempted to become less faithful; incongruent with his values, beliefs, and strategies that coincide with his character.

He develops a framework centered around a detrimental temperament.

This anger drives him to make decisions outside of his normal tendencies.

Some say his anger makes him a man because it makes him appear strong on the outside.

An emotion yearning to be channeled.

This pride unlike any other the world has seen, this innate glorified attitude to remain grounded at all times, even during tribulation.

The edge to blow despite having to keep it together.

Unable to safely bring forth his masculine emotions, thus he jeopardizes Mother Nature and her divine feminine.


Yes, he was taught to be a mountain; impregnable, quick to wrath, sheltering, and firmly rooted. Thus, he crystallized his exterior, and ignores his rigidness while welding his emotions into disposable tools he uses for landscaping his desires; money, status, sex, etc.

He overspends his time sharpening every stone on his body, because the ocean told him they were beautiful, but he hates his beauty, so he sharpened them and made them blades.

Blades he used to hurt the ocean.

Blades he used to hurt himself.

His blades are his ego and pride.

He was taught to hold on to them even if it's painful.

But the worst pain isn’t physical, no.

He’s driven mad by his immobility.

The mountain is forced to watch everything move freely except for himself. He gets frustrated and goes back to the ocean out of desperation. She tells him to toss every blade into her body.

Every splash represents her tears and pain.

With no more blades he felt vulnerable.

With no more blades he felt lighter.

With no more blades the mountain was able to move.


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