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Are you healing or are you distracted? Never thought I would be able to decide,

which side of the fine lines that my mind lies. This question really has my mind tied. Sitting back, getting high, and easing my mind, sounds about right, right? Is it all just a distraction? Are my actions just neglected infractions that I am avoiding consequences from?

Man oh man,

this thing we call "healing" can be quite deceiving. During the day, we smile and laugh amongst our friends. But cry at night when no one is by our side. Publicly distracted, privately hurting. At what point do we start healing? Even after making amends,

time is only revealing the wounds from the past rather than mending them.

How can one heal if being distracted feels more soothing? Less healing, more problems. More distractions, more problems.

But at least they are unseen for the time being. Can you truly heal if the scars remain still like a moment captured in time? And if the scars remain still, then how can time heal all wounds? I tried healing. But instead I got lost in the things that I failed to let go of. So I ran away from myself so that I could get away from myself. Too bad that all things lead back to me, so eventually I had to see me imperfectly. All this time I distracted myself from healing so that I could never feel my burdens. When I finally saw my reflection, I knew that I needed to heal. I deserve it. What about you? Are you healing or are you distracted?


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