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I've come to realize that self inflation is one of the biggest achilles heel to humanity. I’m guilty of exalting myself more than necessary, and the more I think about my life, the more I notice how weak I really am.

We tend to waver when up against anything larger than our comfort zone. If captain obvious was writing this he would say, "everyone's comfortable until they're not". So how wide is your comfort zone? How confident do you tend to be? We all draw the line somewhere, and it’s typically when our comfort zone is in jeopardy. We tend to get fearful sometimes, and it’s typically when our comfort zone is in jeopardy.

Everybody’s brave walking on hot coal with shoes on, but how many people would take their shoes off and continue walking? If I’m exposing you, just know I’m exposing myself first. Nobody's excluded from fragility, and the sooner we realize this, the faster everyone can commingle without barriers to love. Observe when others elevate themselves and belabor their accomplishments. I’m a huge advocate for positive self talk and self appreciation. However, we shouldn't tolerate a generation that only looks in the mirror and sees their own greatness reflecting back at them. We've become brats that uses a GPS to find the nearest person that can give us a pat on the back. All this "manifesting" has made everyone think they’re the best.

We are fragile.

When life snatches us out of our bubble, we freeze. The frigid wind of something new and challenging leaves us humbled and amazed. The world suddenly gets too bright to see the display on the phone that tells us what to do everyday. Now we're thinking for ourselves for the first time since Siri's iconic debut. We been in our bubble too long and got comfortable being the best in the bubble.

I respect everyone‘s bubble. Just keep in mind that your bubble isn’t the next person’s bubble. Respect their bubble and let them respect yours. You‘re the chief of your bubble, but your bubble does not, and will never have all the answers. You’re a badass in your bubble but could be a softie in a different one.

Be humble and just love as much as possible. There's holes in our armor that we put tape over. We have flaws in our interior design that we hate addressing. We have uncontrollable addictions(as I take a bite into my 10th cookie) that we struggle with.

Embrace your human fragility. Be vulnerable when it's time. Be kind to others. Forgive people that hurt you. Self inflation is vain. This post is not an attack against humanity. It’s an attack against the human ego; the main culprit behind self inflation.

Thank you for reading!


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