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You are the deep blue ocean. The strongest element. The most necessary for life. The ability to swallow the whole earth when triggered. The ability to adapt to any container they place you in. The ability to sustain every soul and keep it filled with life’s essentials. Longevity; you cannot and will not expire. Everything needs you. Everything tries to impress you. Fire, rages violently just to stay cool with you. Wind, whistles your favorite tune in an attempt to seduce you. Earth, tries to relax you with subtle vibrations from beneath. You keep them connected, therefore you keep life lubricated. Queen, be blessed.


Your odds outweigh every Elephant in East Africa. Still — your back and shoulders carry yesterday’s pain and tomorrow’s promises. Still — your legs twitch twice as fast; hunting for the truth that has been locked in Pandora’s box. Still — your eyes vividly identifies the “it”, in “it is what it is”— because it truly is what it is. And it’s that genuine connection with a disadvantaged reality that makes the accolades you accomplish worth acknowledgement. It’s that pride you have towards everything you love that makes your passion terrifying to those with little understanding. It’s also the way you always know what time it is. Time to lead; time to protect; time to build; time to fight until — you — can’t — breathe. King, be blessed.

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