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F​rom this watchtower I can see many things.

T​here is nothing higher than this watchtower.

I​ can see every heart, mind, and soul.

I​ can see what they all desire and what they all despair.

I​ can see their progression — so they seem to call it.

I​ learned many things from them; their lack of contentment is my favorite.

I see the holes in their bodies which they cannot see — but I can.

T​hey horde many things in the hole: money, pleasure, entertainment, etc.

Whatever goes in the hole always disappears and increases the size of the hole.

I​t's a curse they can't see — but I can.

T​hey build complicated things and learn new tricks: progression.

Y​et, their hole is still unfulfilled no matter how high they fly.

F​rom this watchtower I can see everything they do.

I​ come here everyday to see who will figure out how to close the hole in their body.

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