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Sometimes I put myself on the same path as others. This can be good or bad, but that depends on whose path I am on--- definitely, my own path is best but that’s a different blog post.

There are some journeys which I have surpassed. In areas much more important than ego, such as mindfulness, thought, speech, behavior, effort, livelihood, view, meditation, and energy…. I operate off a noble eightfold path, baby.

When I deviate from my path, disregarding my principles, values, morals, and beliefs, I meet a crossroad within myself. There are people around me that are on a similar path as I am, and this aids me in my journey because me and my fellow wanderers encourage each other along the way. At times, mimicking one another’s steps, learning from each other’s moves and moving accordingly. Unfortunately, since I am wandering, it is easy for me to end up on a path I had no intentions of taking.

In all situations, I am presented with choices like a driver that meets a fork in the road; I can either take the high or low road. Sometimes, I am strong enough to take the high road and stay focused on my path and other times I get tired and decide to take the low road, the road requiring less work, has no tolls—yet, the route seems quicker, and the scenery isn't bad either. I just put that bad boy in cruise control and riiiiiide it out.

Sometimes we tend to take the easy way out, this is what I refer to as the low road—it's easier to just agree; it’s easier to cheat; it’s easier to lie; it’s easier to skip leg day at the gym; and it’s easier to avoid—but one day all of these low road choices will catch up to us, they must. Everything comes back for a full circle. There is a saying “the longest way ‘round is the shortest way home” doing the right thing the first time saves time; no need to use valuable time to fix avoidable mistakes.

The low road is only a joy ride for so long. I always take an exit and get back on my original path. That’s typically the case because I refuse to stay where I don’t belong. I say all of this to say, stay focused, stay rooted, and stay true to yourself. Sometimes staying on your path gets hard, lonely, confusing, scary, and dark. But you're stronger than you think, keep moving forward; continue to challenge yourself.

God bless.

-Wandy Rendel

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