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Oh you arrogant race.

When did you become so full of yourself? When did you look into the mirror and see a God? When did you look into your heart and see satisfaction? When did you look at your kingdom and see governance? Tell me, when was it that you realized that you were intelligent? When was it that you noticed that you were better than anything on Earth? When did you realize your judgement was perfect and true? Oh you arrogant race with your madness and your blindness. You are sick.

You are very sick. You have been walking around in the darkest hours of the night, and you neither know daylight nor the brightness of the moon. Yes, you are in the abyss where the truth is unavailable. Yes, you are in the cold where grass will never grow.

Yes, you are alone. You are so alone. You are so scared. You are so worried. If you’re so mighty, tell me, why do you die from sickness? If you’re so mighty, why do you corrupt anything you govern? If you’re so sufficient, why do you destroy any place you colonize? Oh you arrogant beings, why do you look into the mirror and see a God? What have you done that is so Godly? What do you possess that a God would want? Oh you arrogant and greedy fools. Physically and mentally you are cowards. Physically and mentally you enslave everything and everyone. You enslave and destroy because you have nothing in your mind but fear. You enslave animals on the land because you are a coward. You enslave animals in the sea because you are a coward, and you enslave yourselves for the same reason. You believe you know many things, but you know nothing. Oh.. you arrogant race. You know only of the generational lies passed down from coward to coward. You fear death because you fear life. You fear life because you fear death.

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