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What do we consider men? Who are we limited to be? What defines men? Where shall thy feet, legs, arm and body be? Where do men lie? Where shall they be led? How much energy should it take for a man, to separate his heart, from his.... head? Does he lead by his ego or through higher self? Does he act on emotion, or is his logic the first thing that he clings to? Does he restrict his innate sensitivities or does he bury them below like kings do? Who, what, when and why does masculinity reside? Is there a grey area? Or do we count out many, plenty? Those seeking to embrace their more feminine nature? Or those who seek to express themselves wholeheartedly to the people as a 'Freak In Nature' ? Toxic Masculinity What is Toxic Masculinity you ask? Disrespecting women, relating manhood to mutilple sexual interests, trying to fit in, diggin deeper holes than people who value their integrity wouldn't go. Downplaying someone's character to increase their own. Throwing more salt than needed where there's enough meat to go around before you get to the bone. Acting hard and forgetting to embrace softness, playing the cards so right that a full deck isn't shuffled..together...often. Toxic masculinty. Igniting Homophobia, carrying epidemics of Misogyny. Crossing boundaries, doing things that are intentionally set to bother me. Allowing the ego to overrule complete consciousness. Unable to forgive and move forward because of false promises, disappointment, and prodigy. Young leaders, guardians, role models, and all of the Above Pretending to assert strength within the things that mask the freedom of love.

Masculinity. Toxic masculinity.

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