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I have given Man the fruits of life, yet they walk dead among one another. Their hearts thirst for greed, they pursue after fleshly desires, and they build nations that produce corruption. They destroy and plunder resources and corner it among the richest. They need no God, in their eyes, they are God. They shield themselves from the truth while protecting the lies they’ve created.

If the gates of heaven were to open, and all the angels licked my atmosphere, oh how disgusted they would be. On the contrary, if the demons of hell knew my taste, they would rejoice with each other.

I am bland without purity. Man doesn’t know that they must stay rich in taste for abundance to spread. Wherever their hearts rest is where their flavors will be, yet they choose to live in darkness. Their hatred slips through the cracks of my surface, thus adding sourness to my crust. Their greed falls into the abyss that sprinkles bitterness on my mantle. Their impurities melts into my core, spreading blandness throughout. Who would buy such a recipe that lacks edification? I applaud those who seek the truth that burns inequity. I provide for those who genuinely seeks compassion. Place your mind on righteousness so that you can be the salt that adds flavor to the Earth.

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