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An unhealthy addiction, withdrawal from your affection leaves me wallowing in my deep blues. There's a million things to think about, yet my mind always wanders back to you. My first traumatic experience, my lover, my muse. I never really thought there would be a day I'd wonder about you. And it's purely egotistical, but I hope you wonder about me too... My adoration is equal to my hatred for you, that's how I know I love you to my core. Hearts were exchanged just as love stories go. But the happy ever after promised by fairy-tales transformed to those mercilessly engorged. And what's a breath if you're not here to take it away? How can you appreciate the tenderness of affection without some measure of pain? The sweet agony of my former flame burning for eternity. A tale as old as time; The innocence of a first love manipulated and abused. But only the deepest of love leaves you blind.

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