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A short speech by you from the future:

I can’t say that I'm surprised I made it this far, nor that I’m shocked with all my accomplishments.

Here's the truth...

I knew these achievements would eventually find me, I just didn’t know when. I knew this was who I’d end up becoming, I just didn't know when. My success was as inevitable as the phases of our moon. My prosperity was promised and time stamped in the book of life. Abundance was mine even when I had nothing. My branches were bound to wrap around my desires no matter how big they were.

By now you're probably wondering what secret underground organization I made a deal with, and why was I so confident in my success.

The answer is simpler than you think, and far less sinister.

These are the blessings I was relentlessly praying for. I believed with every bone and every muscle in my body that my prayers will be answered. From the start of my day I believed, and before I went to sleep I believed. Every step I took was one step closer to my ideals. Each exhale and every inhale there was belief. Belief was in every plan I wrote. Belief was in every coffee I stirred and every sip I took. Every tear that I cried and all the laughter that I shared. Even when doubt tried to fool me, belief pulled me away from darkness.

Does it make sense to pray for abundance, believe in that which you prayed for, and then act surprised when you receive it ? 

Everyday I thanked God for giving me what I wanted even when I didn’t have it yet. My heart was always set on a better tomorrow. I was already full of abundance on the inside. It just so happens that this is the time it decided to materialize. 

Please consider these next words in your personal journey...

You will never attract what you say you want, rather, you will only attract what you subconsciously believe in.

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