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Ever wondered what type of instrument you would be if you were to be one? I figured you didn’t... *cough* trombone for me. An instrument when played, represents the expression of the artist. In a way everyone is a musician. Every action we take, and every thought we have determines how we express ourselves, just like instruments. Everyone is capable of fine artistry. Note, since there are those who rarely refine their tune and those who refuse to live a-cappella, you will encounter people who exude a more pleasant sound in comparison to others. Engaging in your passion is the perfect way to find your beat. Everyone expresses themselves differently. A dancer may find verbalizing her emotions difficult, but when asked to express herself through dance, she readily responds with poetic movements. We minimize our vibrations when we suppress our way of expression. Other conductors will try and orchestrate our world. Family, peers, social media, etc., play a major role in telling us what notes we need to be playing and when. This makes finding our authentic sound an uphill marathon. The harmonious songs within our hearts is amplified tremendously during blissful moments where we can pluck our own strings. Not everyone needs to be a rockstar artist, but at least try to pin point where you are currently in understanding your thoughts. You are the artist, and your way of expression is your instrument. It is up to you to play that instrument consistently until it can be cranked to the max! Never let others dictate how you sound internally! Turn down for what again?

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