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Thoughts from my subconscious...

Vivid visions of freedom surges to the summit of my imagination. The fear of stumbling through life, reaching the end, only to realize that I was an unfulfilled fool reinforces my humility.  

I wonder if the perfect version of myself can still be rebuilt despite my carpentry being compromised since childhood. 

My zenith framework, my true potential, is quite the distance away. In the abyss, I have seen a pearly white door emitting a fervent shine, with a knob forged of fine gold. A wellspring of divine aura looms inside. Only during exceptional mental focus does it open by a hair. My will has only been strong enough to barely crack it. Physically trying to open it resulted in failure because when I come within a few feet of the door, the intensity of the light started burning my demons... I always end up retreating, just to return and fail again and again. Guess I still can’t let certain demons go.  

I need that door to open for me. 

I need to cut ties with whatever is holding me back.

I need to find out exactly what's on the other side. 

A synopsis of THEE OTHER SIDE:

The author always finds himself thinking about freedom, and his fear of not living to his highest capability has been the reason for his humbleness. Since his early childhood, perfection in himself was something long lost, but he wonders if it is simply a perspective that he can recreate. He understands that his true potential is still in the distant future despite occasionally seeing flashes of who he really is. The door represents a transformation. The golden knob represents value and worth. The light emitting from the other side of the door represents a sign of infinite possibilities and higher power. Only when he is absolutely focused on his potential does the door begin to budge. Although he tries to expedite his awakening by physically approaching the door to open it, the light started burning his demons(distractions). He retreated because he was not yet strong enough to let go of all his  distractions in order to become one with himself. Despite countless failed attempts, he recognizes that the other side of the door is something that he must see.

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