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​It's been quite a while since I wrote about dieting. Thee Colony's mission of course is to fuel the brain with thoughts meant to encourage people to think deeper about who they are... and you are what you eat right ? Then lets talk about what's on your plate for a second... no literally.

Your thoughts generally run parallel to what you ingest. Health consciousness is an unavoidable aspect of self mastery, so be cognizant of the kind of fuel you're consuming.

I'm always asked how I stay shredded and lean. The answer is very simple, the execution however, is quite the process.

I'll be frank with you. For as long as I can remember I've always had an athletic physique. Like most people, I had moments where my body has flopped, and I had to put in some serious effort to tighten up again. This forced me to pay attention to which foods worked well with me and which didn't.

I'm certainly not a nutritionist nor am I a dietitian, so feeling how your body responds to certain foods is truly the main point of this post. This is food we're talking about not calculus. Trust me when I say, your body already has the answer, just pay attention to it.

I'll use alcohol as an example. It doesn't take an expert to tell you that the consumption of alcoholic beverages causes inflammation, hence the term "beer belly". Shout out to my party goers and casual drinkers that drink religiously and naturally gain no weight, must be nice. For the people who don't have the luxury of an exceptionally fast metabolism, Rihanna says it best, you better work work work work work.

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EndFragmentOn the flip side, dark greens such as kale and spinach are high in zinc, vitamin A, C and K, all which are important for physical performance. I tried a diet high in vegetables for a month, and my cardiovascular health felt amazing. I love getting veggie bowls from Nalley Fresh, a local restaurant based in Baltimore County, MD. See the picture above for what my typical dish looks like whenever I go there. That cream on top is Alfredo sauce in case you're wondering.. yes I know, don't judge me.

Lastly, we tend to consume food too often. Snacking between meals holds many people back from maintaining a stable weight. Depending on your body it can take between 4-8 hours to digest food. Eating a meal then having a snack an hour or two later is essentially hurting you in the long run. Especially if you are snacking on highly processed foods, which is 60% of the American diet. For anyone looking for the most effective way to shed some extra weight try fasting. T​here are many types of fasting that is floating around out there in this over complicated society. You have the water fast, the grape fast, and my personal favorite, the social media fast, but that's irrelevant to this topic.

Bottom line, be more health conscious. Don't let societal norms lure you into unnecessary eating and drinking habits. Really invest in your body, you will thank yourself later in life. My father has a gut the size of an exercise ball because of what he consumes regularly. Don't be the person constantly making light jokes about being out of shape. Be the person people ask, "how do you stay in shape".

Y​our body is a reflection of your dietary choices and the amount of time you spend working on it. Your body is the most honest thing people see, so take care of it!

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