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Pretty Words- You have such pretty words. Such beautiful speech. From perfectly shaped lips. Words that come from your mouth and translate to your eyes. Words that come from your heart? That's what I can't quite realize. Where are they coming from, are they real? Can you promise me they're really how you feel? I want you to love my mind first. Make love to me mentally through your pretty words and soul. Show me how you think. Express to me your passion, the fuel to your life. What keeps you going? Show me the depths of your opinions so that I may agree. Show and tell me about all the things you love so that may one day be me. Touch my mind. Touch my heart. Touch my soul. And feel my body later. Because once you have all of what's inside of me, the outside will always be for you and you only. For my mind is holy, Set apart from others. Discover me. Discover my thoughts. Discover my desires. You'll always be one. Discover my dreams. You'll always be one Discover my opinions. Discover my love. And we'll always be one. You're beautifully alluring to me. All that you do is intriguing to me. Let me discover what I can give to you. A selfish love gives off a worthless hue. I never want to take from you, and never try to give to you. Please touch my mind, touch my heart, touch my soul. If you do this in that order, I promise my body will follow. If you can touch me internally, you’ve already given me the rarest, most precious gift... Something I have never had... Something I only want with one... Something that can never be undone. Physically, I have heard it all. Compliments fade overall. I pray to God that you may understand this. I pray to God that you'll remember. I pray to God that you'll want the same. What I want is so much deeper than that outer layer. It was you who I mentioned in every prayer. What I have wanted since I was small, What i have always dreamed of. For my body is special yet common. Yes, I love it so. But I know my mind is so much more valuable and I want that to show. To be only a body with nothing inside would make me hollow....

Worthless... Not worth a dime. If I give it to you now you'll only be half full. Only satisfied for a second. I want you to be fulfilled, complete. That can only come if you let me give you ALL of me. You have such pretty words I want to hear more. Tell me all you can about you.

I only want you to speak. I only want to listen. Tell me what you want, Who you want to be. I want to watch you get there, Watch you grow and never cease. Speak to me your pretty words And I promise I will show you more.

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