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Many would agree to the existence of a higher power that far exceeds the imagination of human conception. God is the most common term we use. We believe God to be the caretaker of all, and we trust that God will provide us with everything needed for prosperity.

In regards to trust, when was the last time you reflected on your own personal trust you have in your God?

Trust: A common link between two parties where one party has faith in the other party to deliver and vise versa. Would you commit to a relationship where your significant other forgets about you, hardly puts you first, and does not put full trust in you, then make claims about loving you? This is similar to the relationship many of us have with The Almighty. We tend to struggle alone forgetting that we are never alone. There is an unfathomable power within us. The power is so unlimited that we can tap into it for the rest of our lives and it will never vanish. Attending a sermon every Sunday is not necessary to comprehend this power. Truth will find its seeker eventually. Cloak yourself in divine armor so that you may exude a brilliant shine despite dark circumstances. We endure so much, whether the pain comes externally or self inflicted, we tend to take a lot of damage. There is only one source of true healing, and that is a divine source that caters to all who trust it.

Stay blessed.

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