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The bond between a black King and Queen has to be fortified by an elevated understanding of history. Historically we have been led astray. One must recognize the socioeconomic burdens placed to obscure the King and Queen from standing firm together.

If the oppressor can tear the King away from the castle then the likelihood of the kingdom crumbling increases drastically.

Kings Kings, we must love and cherish our Queens, for only they understand the pain we must endure. They are the ones that will bear our future kin. It was they who were sexually torn by the oppressors during 400 years of bondage, thus we must guard their innocence and vouch for their emotions. A King must never take the woman who supports him for granted. Woe to the brother who brings discomfort to his sister. Woe to the son who turns his back on his mother. Woe to the King who does evil to his Queen. Queens Queens, love and be patient with your Kings. It is they who are the primary target for the enemies. To disarm the black family you must attack the chief in command. So the oppressors have manipulatively sought audacious ways to condense the thought capacity of the black male. Queens, understand that from birth, the black male is the focal point of destruction. He is the center of attention in the eyes of the enemy. At a young age the black male is taught creative ways to destroy his inner world unbeknownst to himself. He is taught to take the knife of deceit to his throat and push. Push until he knows himself no longer. Push until he cannot decipher real from fake. Push until he sees love as a burden instead of a necessity. To be fruitful and multiply, we must do it righteously together. The only obstruction that gets in our way is real knowledge. Exposure to the truth is the only way to empower yourself against mental bondage. And if you think you are not being oppressed in some way shape or form, surely you are mistaken. Confusion is the best weapon because the enemy no longer needs to destroy you, for you will be the cause of your own destruction. You will hate your people more than the oppressors hate them. You will slander your people more than your oppressors will. You will support the works of your oppressors and abandon the works of your own.

But we can fight against psychological oppression by exposing ourselves to meaningful historical knowledge. Doing so will arm us with the intellect to ward off attempts meant to divide the culture.

The more we learn about our true power the stronger we become.


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