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In the abyss of who I thought was me, I laid dormant. For so long I was paralyzed and afraid of my own emotions. On the outside I was as stiff as a statue, on the inside I was volcanic, filled with suppressed energy I kept locked away. My ego sat heavy on my left shoulder. My insecurities sat like a boulder on my right, both equal burdens that kept me away from elevation.

Love The warm expression of love was a far-fetched idea that seemed secluded to the very few lucky enough to come from an intimate household.

Fear The unpleasant feeling of fear consistently stalked me like a starved cheetah sizing its prey in hopes of surviving the elements.

Anger The unnecessary episodes of rage resulted in distasteful decision-making, which always led to a tidy grave dug by yours truly. Something genuinely had to change inside of me. And change is rather difficult to define, or to brush off as mere transformation. No... Change is diligent metamorphosis everyday. Change is hours of carving your big block of hopelessness until it becomes fine art.

Change is acknowledging the frigid ugly so you can capture the celestial beauty.

So in your upside down state, your abyss will never fade away until you decide that change is much needed. The choice is, and always will be your own.

Time ticks so much better when you truly love yourself.

Take your piece of mind seriously.

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