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You might ACTUALLY be perfect, and here is why.  

A flaw is simply an agreement to a shortcoming.

The agreements are made with the self. 

And the self moves in accordance with the agreements. 

These set of agreements, once made, will transform your genetic expression, thus validating your “I am” beliefs. This is why everything you say about yourself, will ALWAYS be true so as long as you continue to believe it. Every living vessel is perfection UNLESS the spirit were to disagree. 

You can declare your perfection right now, and NOBODY can take that away from you until you allow them to. Flaws can only be realized in comparison with your environment. For example, if everyone had crooked teeth with the exception of one person, that person would lose sleep over their insecurities of having STRAIGHT teeth! 

Stop competing with other people’s personalities, and focus on your inner world.  Perfection is less about being better than others, and more about acknowledging your beautiful differences. 

It is ironic how we are so quick to deem nature beautiful and perfect. But when it comes to ourselves we beg to differ. 

Perfection is your birthright.  

Let your steps be so powerful, that it may shake the land, even that which is under the deepest of seas. 

Let your light be so bright, that it humbles and strengthens, even thy neighbor who is farthest from you. 

I will say it once more... You might ACTUALLY be perfect. 

Do you agree,

or disagree? 

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