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When your aspirations are big, the fears that come with them can stand equally tall, so can self doubt, and so can uncertainty. So how can we reach the point of which we are satisfied with the results we have produced? How will we conceptualize our thoughts? These are fully loaded questions that many of us are not sure of. Not being sure of an outcome is the reason fear persists in our lives. The state of being uncertain can be so terrifying to bear, and dealing with it alone amplifies the pain. But I have stellar news for you. You are human. We are more than capable of recreating ourselves. We truly do have the ability to reprogram our conscious self. Please give this perspective I share considerable thought. . . . I recommend we cope with uncertainty, and view it as a means for developmental and deliberate growth. Self progress is easier to discover when we operate within the boundaries of uncertainty. We spend much time looking for certainty in every situation. But we claim that life is an adventure. How is that so if we are always searching for certainty? A real adventure has little to none. Allow uncertainty to be the stimuli that encourages focus towards the present. This way we can grasp the current situation and deal with it unapologetically, and with impeccable faith. Even in unfavorable situations, we are still more than enough. Our power to adapt to anything is greatly overlooked. We are super natural beings. Our subconscious wave patterns is what gives the conscious mind actionable instructions based on how we feel about ourselves, and the world around us. So feel great about yourself and where you are headed!

Reprogram your idea of uncertainty by finding meaning in it. It means growth. It means excitement. It means mystery. Are you unsure of yourself? If you are, great. Embrace that feeling. Stop worrying so much about what could go wrong.

Start being excited about what could go right!

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