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To my “loners”, let me say, I overstand you.

Society demands justification for the reasons you are constantly fine with isolation.

Let this be justification.

You are a thinker who enjoys molding your character through applied focus, therefore you spend much of your time reaching.

You reach forward towards your future self.

Backwards towards fond memories.

Upwards because you have no limits,

and downwards to stay grounded.

Your mind is fixated on exactly who you want to become. Your path is narrow and your walk is lonesome. You may have splendid support, but they still may not fully grasp your ideals since they cannot survey life through your lens. The fervency of your desires burn so deep that it may cause anxiousness, hence why isolation is required to remain level headed. Only in isolation can you assemble the pieces to your internal puzzle. Assistance from others may be required, but at the end of the day it starts and ends with your efforts to piece everything together. However, be cognizant of getting so caught up in yourself that you miss the direction the world is headed towards. It would be upsetting to discover your truths all to find out that the world is no longer the world you thought it was. Isolation is fine, but be aware as well.

Please allow this to be your justification. Spending energy explaining yourself to people who will not understand, will only hinder you.

Isolate, then emerge when you are ready.

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