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Man and woman continues vibrating on the same frequency in order to keep life infinite. But every connection can be disconnected.

In relation to Man and Woman, this is a quick piece about “pace”.

Regarding the first encounter between two people, there is a fine line between being yourself and being enough. Many will say, "be yourself on the first date, do not hold back". But what if being yourself is too much for the person at that time? Do you stop and say “this isn’t the person for me”, or do you repress a little bit and continue bonding? The answer to this question requires discovery from within. If left unanswered, it may evoke insecurity. Can you sincerely dump your entire personality on someone on the first few encounters, or will it take weeks, months, and/or years to expose your inner light ?

Heres my perspective... Does food taste better when it is ran through a microwave or a toaster oven ? A toaster oven. Which one takes longer to heat up your food? Again the toaster oven. So there’s nothing bad about repressing yourself, and releasing that light little by little. As long as that food taste amazing.

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