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A subtle message consistently replays from within, passed from my subconscious to my consciousness.

“Let simplicity be your salvation.”

Let's dive a little deeper....

In retrospect, man has over complicated life through controlled perspective (Genjutsu).



We scientifically replicate the food on our planet instead of just eating the food on our planet.

When faced with illness we avoid our doctors because we blame them for rendering overpriced services. But it is the same doctors that are burdened with student loan debt soaring over 160k on average. This is why it feels like they are in the business to make money first and solve your problem second. Housing

We can’t afford shelter because the idea of shelter is no longer to shelter, rather it is to portray status. We finance 2-3 bedroom liabilities on borrowed money on 15-30 year payments. Trapped in a tempting pursuit for luxury without ever stopping to think that life itself is a luxury.


We affirm that life has no price tag, yet we rank each other by who has the most assets (net worth), instead of who has been the biggest asset to humanity.

We advocate that money isn’t everything but it’s a major reason why marriages unravel, and homes are split up.

School Education

We put a price on education just to graduate so our education can put a price on our profession.


Most religions are monotheistic, yet here we are today with more than 4000 different religions. Religions that we are born into yet never question or seek to interpret.




These were just a few basic examples.

Simplicity can attribute to our salvation. In my opinion, it is important to understand that the stress we undergo can be accredited to our nature to always advance and seek more. Thus, we create unnecessary complexities as described in the examples above. Before we know it, we are caught in a tornado of irrelevant thoughts and energies.

The world we are in today is much different. Much more rules/regulations, systems/algorithms, and materials/possessions. Therefore, we should take precaution with our mental peace more so than ever. If we are not careful we can get swallowed by the tornado.

Life is not meant to be complicated. We make it that way through the values we are subconsciously adopting.

You can still be a very simplistic person while holding yourself to the highest standards.

Less is more.

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