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Consistently exposed to superfluous darkness while external detriments seek to disturb us, to shatter our virtues, to taint our soul, and to dim our light.

At times it feels unavoidable, it is heavy on the spirit, and it is toxic to our thoughts. Indescribable confusion arises due to ungodly auras masterfully implemented by “magicians”. Confusion welcomes hopelessness, which encourages the feeling of selfishness.

This chain reaction leads the mind astray, allowing you to believe that unified peace is impossible. Thoughts of only focusing on ourselves and loved ones arises. "Disregard thy neighbor for he or she may cause you stress".




Conny: "So how do you overcome darkness"?

John: "I try my best to stick to where the love is. You actually have to seek love. Love in family, love in friends, love in love, etc. There is so much bad in this world.”

Conny: "Elaborate.”

John: "Sometimes it feels like there is more bad than good. If you lose focus you will get caught up in negative news outlets, poor eating/sleeping habits, oppression, etc. Things that should not be valued are given the most attention. People think hell is underground. Hell is a state of mind, not some fiery inferno in the abyss of the Earth's core. The devil is on earth working hard to perpetuate our circumstances.”

Conny: "Devil?”

John: "The devil does not have to refer to a being. The devil could be the bad food we eat, that's devilish. Our beloved empresses stressing at work while they are pregnant, that's devilish. We work 8-10 hour days just to pay our oppressors, all while spending critical time away from the people we love most, that's devilish. Seeing our coworkers more than our family, that's devilish. Those are just minor examples, I won't really get too deep. Sometimes I want to help liberate the worldly consciousness, and other times.. I don't know.. the task feels daunting.”

Conny: “Well... that’s exactly why I will launch Thee Colony, and aid in the freedom of consciousness. I need your help though.”

John: “Do you think people will care about what we post though?”

Conny: ”At first....maybe only a few, if any. But my faith is unwavering and my consistency is impeccable. With time and exposure the impact will follow.”

John: "You really have a vision that only you see. But what do you aim for?”

Conny: ........."A heavenly state of mind. Light will always shine through darkness.”

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