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*This post serves to be a bridge to an alternate idea of anger.*

In its raw form anger is pure and honest. Pure anger may lead to salvation.

Misconceptions depicted anger to be an emotion of last resort. On the contrary, anger is the prerequisite of prosperity, progression, and evolution.

In the calamity of undesired circumstances being struck with anger gives the living vessel the audacity needed for a breaking point. Explosive change can start with anger towards the root of the problem. Similar to adrenaline, pure anger provides the temple with enough juice to act with resolve.

Compare this to the athletes sick of watching their team from the sidelines, thus fueling their competitive spirit. Or the individuals who destest their living conditions so much that they channel anger towards seeking alternate opportunities.

The downside arises when anger makes itself at home in the temple, thus sabotaging the mental state. Keeping anger trapped inside the body welcomes confusion, which transmits erroneous behavior.

Anger should be a quick emotion, swift rather, once triggered it allows for a gritty push towards a solution.

The emotion adjacent to anger would be poise. It is poise that does the planning and execution. Anger compels us to move while poise handles the intricacies.

If you’re mad about something, good.

Let anger be the emotion that ignites you to stand up tall. Once you’re standing, let the anger cease and let poise handle the steps you take.

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