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We were born naive and remained as such until we were educated.

Educated in school?

Goerge Santayana once said, “a child only educated in the school system is an uneducated child.”

Life is a journey.

A journey of happiness?

Not quite. Such a contradictory statement portrays the impression that happiness cannot be obtained without the completion of a rigorous journey. Happiness is an affirmation to self. Claim your happiness today and your journey is over.

What else.

Is life a journey of financial freedom ?

I would hope not.

It is a Eurocentric ideology that monetary values will liberate our circumstances. The pursuit of financial freedom gives greed the opportunity to manifest. Endeavor cautiously.

How about a journey of peace ?

Imagine walking through hell with a flash light looking for heaven. Then you realize heaven was in you the whole time. It would be hard to call that a journey.

Is life a journey for love?

If you have to venture for love, then look no further, for i love all who is reading this. Journey over. Furthermore, love will make it’s appearance to those who decide to become receptive to love.

Perhaps the umbrella that shelters all journeys is honesty.

In other words...

Life is a journey of truth.

Happiness; which is permanent in the presence of truth. Light will surely announce it’s presence in darkness, yet darkness has never found it’s niche in the light of truth.

Finance; which is arguably the most thought about topic. However, the truth is more valuable than the paper currency which loses worth when torn in half.

Peace; which is faux if the beholder of peace is in a "Genjutsu". Only the truth breaks the Genjutsu.

Love; which doesn’t exist without impeccable truth. Maybe that’s why it seems as if honest people attract love better than those who are wile in character.

Maybe the truth really does set you free.

Seek for yourselves.

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