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Take a deep breath...

Place an adjective on your energy right now at this moment. Is this the energy you carry everywhere? Do only certain people feel this energy? Is this the energy you exude or wish to? Do you retreat here or do you live here? Energy is the unspoken language. Energy tailored to the individual is the aura, which is personified by others and controlled through your consciousness. We all are familiar with our individual consciousness, but we share a collective consciousness with society. Mankind is telepathically conjoined by morals, beliefs, and everyday attitudes -- all positive and negative energy. A strong example of collective consciousness can be drawn from animals. Everything they do is through instinct, birds fly south, squirrels hibernate during winter, etc. The closer we stay in collective consciousness the higher our society functions. I hear a lot that, what you seek is what you should put out. A high vibration attracts a high vibration. I also believe that we

simply attract the energy we need to learn from.

Positivity is expressed outwardly while negativity held within eventually boils over. Nothing will shake you like negative energy, it forces change causing you to go out of your way to discern it and get an answer. In turn that answer is what transmutes the negative energy into a positive one. We’re learning. Discernment in energy is a major asset to your life journey. It is very easy for a highly sensitive person to absorb someone else’s energy and confuse it as their own. Think of an introvert, introverted people aren’t necessarily shy, we’re just extra conscious, overly absorbent, and more detail oriented. The older you get the more experienced you become with discerning energies.

Ultimately, discovering your energy is to know self. You understand that no one can alter your mood through their actions unless you allow it. You feel full control over what you allow in your circle(aura). You and your like-minded loved ones share a collective consciousness, the strongest societal bond. Remember the same energy you seek around you is the same energy you should keep around you. Keep what you love.

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