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On day one labels are given with no means of seeking real clarity. Like a spoon of baby food, we “opened wide” and took it. Throughout childhood we grew accustomed to these beliefs hardly questioning any of them. Actually questions against societal norms provoked unease. Adulthood is the same thing but at a sophisticated level or whatever you want to call it. There’s a predetermined flow or energy, it’s something out there that feels planned and devilishly preconceived. Almost as if choices are carefully made for you. “Get a good education, good stable career, retire comfortably”. A laughable tune.

Everything has angles: shapes, structures, selfies, life etc. all angle based. It’s the angle being sought that molds the thought presented. Many problems are approached in like mannerisms but a different solution is sought. How can that be? Competition is good. Especially when human limit is being broken and surpassed. Nothing compares to the feeling of having no limitations. But isn’t it possible that competition is so doubled down on that what we’re competing for things that don’t matter?

Why compete when you can create? But to live a creative life perhaps the fear of being wrong should be abandoned.

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