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The mind is a story teller. A liar nevertheless.

It has lied about needing something that does not matter. It forged a compelling story around this "thing". The story included scenarios where this thing brought satisfaction. Reasons why it is needed outweighed the reasons why it's not needed.

The mind is ego.

Ego is not a bad thing, but too much of anything may invite disturbance. Why not use our hearts and intuition more?The focus on being better than the next person is ego. Needing a car that look better and cost more than your old one is ego. A shopping spree on credit when you have no cash is ego.

Seldom is the price paid for egotistical decisions considered. A decision should be made because you want it. Decisions should mean something. It should tell a story about who you want to become. We make decisions based on trends and other external factors that does not matter. Look at your choices through another perspective and your results may change.

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